Port Blair to Havelock Island

Port Blair to Havelock Island Ferry Guide 2023-2024: Navigating the Andaman Waters


Port Blair to Havelock Island, a captivating tropical haven nestled 52 km northeast of Port Blair City, stands as the premier destination in the Andaman Islands. Ferry or cruise services serve as the exclusive means of transportation between these idyllic locales, given the absence of a direct road connection.

Effortless Ferry Transfers: Port Blair to Havelock

Passenger cruise ship at Andaman Sea with scenic view of Andaman islands and seascape.

Daily ferry services, departing from Haddo Jetty in Port Blair, seamlessly link Port Blair to Havelock Island and vice versa. The ferry harbor, conveniently located approximately 3-5 km from the airport, acts as the embarkation point for this captivating journey.

Optimal planning, allowing 2-3 hours for the ferry transfer between Havelock and Port Blair, ensures a stress-free travel experience.

Choosing the Ideal Ferry Route

port blair to havelock ferry

Preferred Tourist Circuits:

  1. Port Blair to Havelock and return
  2. Port to Havelock and transfer to Port via Neil route from Havelock

Private luxury ferries, commencing from Haddo Jetty in Port Blair and concluding their trips by the evening sunset, experience limited availability, especially during peak seasons. Hence, advance booking of ferry tickets is strongly recommended to avoid travel-related hurdles.

Key Considerations for Ferry Ticket Booking

  • Pre-planning and early ticket booking mitigate potential travel disruptions.
  • Our online reservation system instantly confirms tickets, charging only the ferry ticket cost without additional fees.
  • Special discounts are available for bookings exceeding 5000 rupees or group bookings with over 26 individuals. Please get in touch with our customer service for more details.
  • When entering or exiting, it’s prudent to allow at least a day’s stay in Port Blair, especially during the rainy season, or a minimum of a 2-hour gap between flight arrival and ferry departure.
  • Arriving at the ferry harbor at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure time is recommended.
  • Align your tour plan according to your ferry timings for a seamless travel experience.

Andaman Ferry Services: Government and Private Options


Ferry services in the Andaman archipelago are primarily managed by government and private operators. Online bookings are available for private ferries, while government ferry tickets can be purchased exclusively through official portals or authorized ticket counters.

Private Ferry Operators (As of January 2022):

  • MAK Logistics (Makruzz)
  • Green Ocean Seaways (Green Ocean)
  • Nautika
  • ITT Majestic

Expert Tips for Ferry Booking and Travel

port blair to havelock ferry
  • Allocate a time gap of at least 1.5-2 hours between flight arrival and ferry departure.
  • Sequence ferry bookings as per your travel itinerary.
  • Ensure accurate personal details to avoid ticket cancellation and reissuance.
  • Expect ticket issuance within 3-4 working hours during specified hours.
  • Secure ferry tickets before confirming hotel reservations to prevent travel inconveniences.
  • Avoid last-minute ferry bookings due to high demand and limited availability during peak seasons.

Additional Insights into Andaman Ferry Travel

port blair to havelock ferry

Ferry Options and Categories:

Ferry services in Andaman offer diverse seating categories, including Premium, Deluxe, and Royal for private ferries, while certain government-operated ferries offer economy class seats only.

Cautions and Best Practices:

  • Carry a valid ID card matching your ticket details for verification.
  • Be aware of the luggage limit per ticket to avoid additional charges or separate ticketing.
  • Adhere to specified safety guidelines provided by the ferry crew.
  • Plan for seasickness if susceptible; carry motion sickness medication or appropriate remedies.

Andaman Island Attractions and Activities


Make the most of your time while awaiting your ferry journey. Explore Port Blair’s vibrant culture, historical sites, and scenic landscapes. Engage in exhilarating water sports or unwind at the pristine beaches on Havelock Island, renowned for its captivating beauty and coral reefs.


With the Andaman Islands experiencing a surge in tourist visits, these breathtaking locales have become a sought-after destination for travelers seeking unparalleled natural beauty and immersive experiences. Streamlined ferry bookings and adherence to travel guidelines promise an enchanting exploration of these mesmerizing islands.


How do I travel from Port Blair to Havelock Island?

Ferry or cruise services are the primary modes of transport between Port Blair and Havelock Island due to the absence of a direct road link.

Where can I book ferry tickets for the Port Blair to Havelock route?

Tickets for private ferries can be conveniently booked online through authorized booking portals. Government-operated ferry tickets are available exclusively on official government portals or at designated ticket counters.

Are there different types of ferries available for this route?

Yes, both government-operated and private ferries operate on this route, offering various seating categories, including Premium, Deluxe, and Royal for private operators and economy class for some government ferries.

When should I book my ferry tickets for Port Blair to Havelock travel?

It’s advisable to book ferry tickets well in advance, particularly during peak seasons, to secure seats and avoid last-minute hassles due to high demand.

What are the key considerations when booking ferry tickets?

Ensure accurate personal details while booking to avoid any cancellation charges. Plan ferry bookings according to your travel itinerary and allow ample time between flight arrival and ferry departure.

What is the duration of the ferry journey between Port Blair and Havelock Island?

The ferry trip duration may vary based on the type of ferry, weather conditions, and other factors. On average, the journey usually takes around 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

What amenities are available on the ferries for passengers?

Ferries typically offer various amenities like seating options, washrooms, refreshments, and sometimes entertainment facilities, varying based on the type of ferry and category of seats.

Can I modify my ferry booking details after confirmation?

Any changes in ticket details (name, age, gender, etc.) might incur cancellation charges as per the cancellation policy. It’s essential to enter accurate details during the initial booking.

Is there a luggage limit for ferry travel between Port Blair and Havelock?

Yes, each ticket usually has a specified luggage limit. It’s advisable to check and adhere to these limits to avoid any additional charges or inconvenience.

What should I do if the ferry tickets are sold out for my preferred date?

Ferry tickets, especially during peak seasons, tend to sell out quickly. If tickets are unavailable for your preferred date, consider adjusting your travel itinerary or securing tickets for an alternate date to avoid travel disruptions.

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