How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman


How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman: Planning a trip to Andaman, an archipelago known for its pristine beaches and natural beauty, requires careful consideration of various factors. Whether it’s selecting the right hotels, deciding the length of your stay, choosing the islands to visit, managing your budget, or determining the mode of transportation, there are several aspects to keep in mind. In this article, we will explore the process of planning a trip to Andaman by yourself and compare it with the option of purchasing a package tour. By understanding the intricacies involved and having the necessary information at hand, you can ensure a memorable and well-organized vacation.

Planning a Trip to Andaman by Yourself:

Planning a trip to Andaman by yourself entails paying attention to numerous factors due to the unique characteristics of the islands. Here are the key aspects to consider:

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023
  1. Vehicles for Sightseeing:
    To explore Andaman independently, it is advisable to book cabs or vehicles in advance. Since there is often a shortage of cabs available on short notice, pre-booking ensures convenient transportation. Additionally, public transportation and rental bikes are available, but it’s essential to arrange them for each island, considering that most of the islets in Andaman are separated by sea.
  2. Cruise and Ferry Tickets:
    Booking cruise and ferry tickets in advance is crucial to secure your transportation between the islands. Cruise tickets, in particular, tend to be fully booked around three weeks prior to departure. Ferry tickets cannot be pre-booked, and one must visit the jetty to obtain them. However, it’s important to note that Islanders are given priority, which may limit availability for tourists. Planning ahead helps avoid any inconveniences.
  3. Tickets and Permits:
    Certain places in Andaman require tickets and permits for access. These can be obtained by visiting the respective controller’s office and are not available for online booking. It is essential to understand the specific locations that require permits and allocate time accordingly for the necessary paperwork.
  4. Timings and Rules:
    Different places in Andaman have specific rules and regulations that visitors must adhere to. For instance, photography may be restricted in certain areas like the airport. Additionally, many attractions have closing times around 5 PM, making it important to plan your visit accordingly and ensure you book your return boat before closing time.
  5. Selecting the Perfect Hotel:
    Choosing the right hotel is a top priority when planning a self-guided vacation, especially considering that cabs are not pre-booked. Opting for hotels near urban areas in Andaman facilitates easier access to transportation, ferry ticket bookings, and permit acquisition.

Things to Keep with You:

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023

When planning a trip to Andaman by yourself, it’s essential to have certain items and information readily available:

  • Identity Proof: Necessary for obtaining ferry tickets, permits, and island entry.
  • Passport: Required for non-Indian citizens at the airport and ship boarding.
  • Offline Map of Andaman: Since online maps may not function optimally, carrying an offline map is highly recommended.
  • Emergency Contacts: Keep local authorities’ contact details handy in case of any emergencies or wildlife encounters.
  • Bus Timings Schedule: Buses in off-areas may have long gaps between departures. Having a bus schedule helps plan your trip accordingly and avoid unnecessary waiting.
  • Cab Driver’s Number: Pre-booked cabs are common in off-areas of Andaman, making it challenging to find a cab on the spot. Save the contact number of a trusted driver to assist you in such situations.
  • Ferry Schedule: Similar to buses, ferries operate with specific timings and may experience high demand during peak season. Having a ferry schedule and booking tickets in advance helps avoid prolonged waiting times.
  • Ferry Ticketing Locations: While most ferry ticketing is done near the jetty, some destinations have ticketing offices located far from the boarding area. Familiarize yourself with all ticketing locations to prevent any last-minute confusion.
  • Procedure to Get Permits: Special reserved areas require permits, and certain procedures must be followed, especially if you are carrying a camera or drone. Visit the official government website for comprehensive information and plan accordingly.

Planning by Yourself vs. Packages from Tour Operators:

When it comes to planning a trip to Andaman, you may wonder whether to organize it yourself or opt for a package tour offered by travel agencies. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023
How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023
  1. Comfort:
    Package tours provide convenience as the travel agency takes care of all arrangements, including tickets, permits, vehicles, and accommodations. This allows you to focus solely on enjoying the destination and spending quality time with your companions. Planning a trip by yourself requires meticulous management of various aspects, which can be challenging for new travelers, especially considering the limited internet connectivity and potential risks in unfamiliar territory.
  2. Savings:
    Planning a vacation by yourself can be cost-effective since it eliminates the additional charges or commissions that travel agencies may include in their tour packages. By directly managing your bookings and transportation, you have better control over your expenses and can tailor your trip according to your budget.

Safety Considerations:

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023

While Andaman is generally a peaceful destination, it’s important to prioritize safety and adhere to guidelines and instructions. Familiarize yourself with the following safety precautions to ensure a secure and enjoyable trip:

  1. Swimming: Before going for a swim, always inquire with the authorities about the safety conditions. Some beaches may have strong water currents that can be dangerous. It’s essential to exercise caution and follow their guidance.
  2. Crocodile Warning: Take heed of the “crocodile” signs displayed on certain beaches. Ignoring these signs can put you at risk of crocodile attacks. Stay vigilant and avoid entering waters where crocodile sightings have been reported.
  3. Beach Collectibles: Refrain from collecting rocks, corals, or seashells from the beach. It is strictly prohibited, and your luggage may be inspected at the airport. Help preserve the natural ecosystem of Andaman by leaving these items undisturbed.
  4. Souvenir Shopping: If you plan to purchase souvenirs, ensure you buy them from government-recognized shops. Retain the bills as you may be required to present them at the airport during security checks.
  5. Night Travel: Avoid traveling after 9:30 PM, as most places in Andaman close by this time, and transportation options become limited. It’s advisable to plan your activities accordingly and prioritize your safety.
  6. Alcohol Consumption: Prohibited: Consuming alcohol near or on beaches is strictly prohibited. Respect the local regulations and refrain from indulging in such activities in public areas.
  7. Restricted Areas: Do not venture into restricted areas without proper permission. Andaman has several government-restricted areas, and unauthorized entry is not permitted. Respect these boundaries to ensure your safety and avoid legal complications.
  8. Helmet Use: If renting a bike, ensure that both the rider and pillion passenger wear helmets. It is a mandatory safety measure and contributes to your well-being during your exploration of the islands.
  9. Tribal Photography: It is strictly prohibited to take photos of the indigenous tribal communities in Andaman. Respect their privacy and cultural sensitivities by refraining from capturing their images.
  10. Carry Valid ID: Always carry a valid identification card with you. Random ID checks are common in Andaman, and having proper identification readily available will help prevent any inconvenience.
  11. Airport Photography: Avoid taking photos on or near the airport premises, particularly at the Veer Savarkar Airport, as it is a defense airport with strict security measures in place.
  12. Snorkeling: If you wish to experience snorkeling, make use of the designated sections on the respective beaches in Andaman where it is allowed. This ensures your safety and protects the marine ecosystem.

By adhering to these safety guidelines, you can have a secure and enjoyable trip to Andaman while respecting the local rules and preserving the natural environment.

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023


Planning a trip to Andaman by yourself involves careful attention to safety considerations and adherence to rules and regulations. While the experience of traveling independently may offer freedom and flexibility, it is important to prioritize your safety and that of your companions. Choosing a reputable local tour operator can provide added convenience, cost savings, and local expertise. Whether you decide to plan the trip by yourself or opt for a package tour, following safety guidelines and respecting the local culture will ensure a memorable and fulfilling journey in the captivating islands of Andaman.

How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023
How to Plan Your First Trip to Andaman in 2023


What is the best time to visit Andaman?

The best time to visit Andaman is during the winter months from October to April. The weather is pleasant, and the sea is calm, allowing for enjoyable exploration and outdoor activities.

How many days should I plan for my trip to Andaman?

It is recommended to plan a trip of at least 7 to 10 days to fully experience the beauty and attractions of Andaman. This will give you enough time to explore multiple islands and indulge in various activities.

How can I reach Andaman?

You can reach Andaman either by flight or by sea. There are regular flights from major cities in India to Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman. Alternatively, you can also take a ship from Kolkata, Chennai, or Vishakhapatnam to Port Blair.

Which islands should I visit in Andaman?

Some of the must-visit islands in Andaman include Havelock Island, Neil Island, Ross Island, and Baratang Island. Each island offers unique attractions and natural beauty.

Do I need a permit to visit Andaman?

Indian nationals do not require a permit to visit Andaman. However, foreign nationals need to obtain a permit, which can be obtained upon arrival at the Port Blair airport or the Havelock Island jetty.

What are the popular activities to do in Andaman?

Andaman offers a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, trekking, and exploring marine life through glass-bottom boating. You can also relax on the pristine beaches and enjoy the scenic beauty.

What is the cost of accommodation in Andaman?

The cost of accommodation in Andaman varies depending on the type of hotel or resort you choose. There are options available for all budgets, ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts. On average, a decent mid-range hotel may cost around INR 2,000 to INR 5,000 per night.

Is it safe to travel to Andaman?

Andaman is generally a safe destination for travelers. However, it is advisable to take necessary precautions and follow local guidelines. Respect the marine life, avoid swimming in restricted areas, and be mindful of any safety instructions provided by tour operators.

What is the currency used in Andaman? Can I use credit cards?

The currency used in Andaman is the Indian Rupee (INR). Credit and debit cards are accepted at most hotels, resorts, and larger establishments. However, it is advisable to carry sufficient cash for smaller establishments and local markets, as card acceptance may be limited.

Are there any restrictions or rules to follow while visiting Andaman?

Yes, there are specific rules and restrictions in Andaman. Avoid taking photos of tribals, do not disturb marine life or collect corals and shells, and adhere to the timings and guidelines of specific attractions. It is also important to respect the local culture and traditions.
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