Sea Walk in Andaman

Sea Walk in Andaman Islands: Exploring Underwater Wonders 2023-2024

Sea Walk in Andaman

Sea Walk in Andaman Islands: Exploring Underwater Wonders

Sea Walk in Andaman

Sea Walk in Andaman Islands: The Sea Walk is an unparalleled and awe-inspiring adventure that beckons travelers to the enchanting Andaman Islands. It’s a unique activity that seamlessly combines the best aspects of scuba diving while eliminating the need for continuous swimming. Just imagine, strolling along the ocean floor as if it were solid ground, free from the constraints of balance or constant propulsion.

Picture yourself enjoying a serene promenade on the ocean bed, encircled by vibrant live corals at close quarters, and immersing yourself in the extraordinary underwater diversity that unfolds. Amidst a multitude of colorful marine creatures, you’ll be captivated by the mesmerizing underwater symphony, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

To ensure that this experience remains etched in your heart forever, you’ll receive a personalized video recording of your Sea Walk adventure. This recording will serve as a cherished keepsake, allowing you to relive and share your underwater escapades with friends and family.

Top Destinations for Sea Walk in Andaman:

Sea Walk in Andaman

While Andaman offers an array of water sports, the Sea Walk is an exceptional activity that can only be enjoyed at specific locales. Currently, there are two prominent places where you can partake in the Sea Walk:

  1. Havelock Island
  2. North Bay

1. Sea Walk in Havelock Island:

Sea Walk in Andaman

The picturesque Elephant Beach in Havelock Island stands as a mecca for water sports and is the birthplace of the Sea Walk adventure in Andaman. The underwater landscape here is adorned with volcanic formations, home to a rich population of corals that offer a feast for the eyes. Immerse yourself in a world teeming with rare and brilliantly hued fish species. As you glide into the water, the earthly burdens seem to vanish, replaced by a realm of marine wonders. For an added delight, vendors provide bait for fish feeding, allowing you to interact with marine life without requiring swimming.

2. Sea Walk at North Bay:

Sea Walk in Andaman

The equally captivating North Bay offers a fantastic opportunity for Sea Walk enthusiasts. Here, coral formations are intricately divided into smaller yet dense sections, providing a haven for an array of majestic fish species and awe-inspiring lobsters. Accessible only by boat, North Bay presents an ideal day-trip destination, though accommodation options are limited.

How It Works:

Sea Walk in Andaman

Your Sea Walk journey begins with a brief 5 to 10-minute training session. Here, you’ll learn essential tips for walking gracefully underwater and become acquainted with the hand signs used for communication during the adventure. Following the training, a specialized helmet breather with a transparent front will be comfortably placed on your head. This breather is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the equipment, facilitating normal breathing underwater. After the setup, you’ll be gently guided to the designated walking area, surrounded by net boundaries that ensure maximum safety. Throughout your Sea Walk experience, a team of expert guides will be by your side, ensuring your safety, comfort, and an unforgettable encounter with the aquatic realm.

Cost of Sea Walk:

Sea Walk in Andaman

Embarking on the Sea Walk adventure generally costs around ₹4,500 per person. It’s worth noting that while Elephant Beach offers the most exceptional experience, the costs might be slightly higher due to the popularity of the activity.

Best Time for the Activity:

Sea Walk in Andaman

The months of May to June provide the ideal window for indulging in a deep-sea walk. During this period, the weather is particularly favorable, corals are in full bloom, and water visibility is at its peak. Plan your adventure between 9 AM to 4:30 PM to make the most of this captivating experience.

Is There an Age Limit?

Sea Walk in Andaman

The Sea Walk activity is open to individuals aged 9 to 60. However, certain categories of people are restricted from participating. This includes pregnant women, senior citizens above 60, individuals with heart conditions or breathing difficulties, those under heavy medication or requiring specialized care, and those with psychological conditions that might lead to panic underwater.

Depth and Safety:

Sea Walk in Andaman

Sea Walk usually takes place at depths ranging from 7 to 10 meters, depending on the location. The specialized apparatus is meticulously designed to withstand the pressure at these depths, ensuring that your experience remains both secure and dreamlike.

Swimming Requirement:

Sea Walk in Andaman

A significant advantage of the Sea Walk is that swimming skills are not a prerequisite. You’ll be walking on the sea’s surface, providing a unique way to explore the captivating underwater world.

Embark on the unforgettable journey of Sea Walk in the Andaman Islands, where every step beneath the waves is a revelation, and the depths hold secrets waiting to be uncovered.


What is Sea Walk in Andaman Islands?

Sea Walk is a unique and exhilarating experience offered in the Andaman Islands. It’s an activity that allows you to walk on the ocean bottom without the need to swim or balance constantly. You can explore the underwater world up close and surrounded by live corals and vibrant marine life.

How does Sea Walk work?

During Sea Walk, you will receive a short training session (5-10 minutes) on how to walk correctly underwater and use hand signals for communication. A helmet-type breather will be fixed on your head, allowing you to breathe normally underwater. You will be guided to the walking spot, and a team of Sea Walk guides will ensure your safety and assist you throughout the experience.

Where are the best places for Sea Walk in Andaman?

The two best places for Sea Walk in Andaman are:
Havelock Island, specifically Elephant Beach
North Bay
These locations offer the ideal setup for Sea Walk, with clear waters and abundant marine life.

What can I expect during Sea Walk at Havelock Island?

At Havelock Island’s Elephant Beach, you’ll experience walking in the midst of underwater volcanic formations housing rich coral populations and colorful fishes. You’ll be surrounded by an array of marine life, and vendors provide bait to attract fish. It’s a unique and unforgettable experience.

What is the experience like at North Bay?

North Bay offers a second great spot for Sea Walk. The corals here are divided into small yet dense sections, hosting a variety of fish species and lobsters. However, there are no accommodation options on the island, so you’ll need to return to Port Blair on the same day.

What is the cost of a Sea Walk?

The average cost of a Sea Walk is around 4500/- per person. Keep in mind that costs might vary, especially at Elephant Beach due to demand.

Is there an age limit for Sea Walk?

Sea Walk is suitable for anyone aged 9 to 60. However, certain restrictions apply to individuals:
Pregnant women
Senior citizens above 60
People with heart conditions or breathing difficulties
Those under heavy medication or requiring care
Individuals with psychological conditions affecting their underwater experience

How deep will we go during the Sea Walk?

The typical depth of Sea Walk is around 7-10 meters, depending on the location. The apparatus is designed to withstand pressure at this depth, ensuring your comfort and safety.

Is Sea Walk safe and comfortable?

Yes, Sea Walk is safe as the apparatus can handle pressure and allows for normal breathing. It’s comfortable due to the specialized equipment that supports your chest and face, ensuring you can breathe easily.

Do I need to know how to swim for Sea Walk?

No, swimming skills are not required for Sea Walk. You’ll walk on the surface of the sea, not swim underwater.

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